that saves lives

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“Clothing that saves lives” – creates an easy to recognise support network within our communities. If you see Kick On written on anything you can feel safe to start a conversation with that person. A conversation can save a life!

A HUGE 50% goes straight to Kick On Charity. The other 50% is used to further develop the clothing, and keep spreading our positive message. We have kept this separate from the charity because we understand that when people DONATE to Kick On, they want to know that 100% goes straight to our Mental Health programs and campaigns and not into the clothing, even though that is what largely funds us.

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Limitless Nutrition are pioneers in the Fitness Industry, developing some of the first products to correlate Physical Health and Mental Health. Using Ingredients that support brain function on top of muscle growth and recovery, with a vision to change what supplements can do for our overall wellbeing.


Feel good. Look good!

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