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drew brauer

Founder / CEO

Occupation: Musician 

Location: Cairns, QLD 

I believe we all fluctuate up or down on a Mental Health spectrum and we all find ourselves in the red zone at many points in our life, whether it be from events out of our control, or more than likely, situations that have been created by our own thoughts, decisions and actions! I want to help build self-awareness, mental resilience and teach people about the correlation between physical health and mental health to empower the community to make positive changes for themselves, and for their fellow humans to make the world a better and far happier place! 


gus fernandez

Co-Founder and Treasurer

Occupation: Marketing & Event Manager and Musician 

Location: Cairns, QLD

I find myself compelled to help others. By sharing some of my own experiences and how to overcome times of darkness, I hope to help people believe in themselves and help build resilience. We are living in a very fast paced society where everything is accessible by a single swipe or tap. There are more and more broken families, and the struggle of people’s constant pursuit of ‘happiness’ and living up to that expectation is claiming many lives both young and old. My mission is to ‘connect, empower, and inspire’ through our work and wellbeing programs. 

ryan toth

Advisor and Secretary

Occupation: Marketing Professional 

Location: Cairns, QLD 

Mental illness affects us all in different capacity’s. It is concerning to me that mental health issues don’t discriminate based on age or gender, this is evident by the frequency I hear about issues within friends and family. I have experienced the black dog personally multiple times through my life and know how lonely it can feel. I simply want to help others any way I can.

connor davy

Board Member

Occupation: Building Designer 

Location: Cairns, QLD

Mental health has been a common factor in my life, both directly and indirectly through it effecting friends, family or coworkers. I became fed up with hearing things such as 'we had no idea anything was wrong' once someone’s mental health troubles became public and felt more needed to be done to get more people speak up earlier and ask for help. The opportunity to become involved in the charity in its early stages has been a great experience and I’m looking forward to growing the charity and furthering the cause in the years to come.

davey houlton

Content Creator and Ambassador

Occupation: Mining and

Location: Cairns, QLD

Mental health has been a big hurdle in my life losing my parents at a young age, at times feeling lost, hopeless and keeping it to myself. I made a decision to work on it, reach out and improve myself giving my life purpose and meaning. I didn't travel overseas until I was 27. The adventures through America and Mexico inspired me to start a travel company bringing selected groups of people together filming documentaries through four different countries! This further sparked my passion for filmmaking and photography which has become a life long journey. I want to create content that brings awareness to the fact that there are people you can reach out to, ways you can get back to the path you want to be on and feel great about the life you live. Fun fact: Davey bought his first camera in 2003 while living at Ayers Rock and it is still in excellent condition.


selina fearn 

Education Liaison Officer


Occupation: School Teacher

Location: Cairns, QLD

Every plant has its own requirements to grow and so do people. My aim is to equip people with the skills and tools they need to uncover what they need to grow. My purpose in life is to educate and my passion in life is exploring social and emotional wellbeing. I have been passionate about the ways our brain work since a young age and look forward to exploring as many avenues as I can in this field. I currently work as a primary school teacher and am fascinated with the ways our brains develop over time. I’m currently studying cognitive behaviour therapy. I have seen the effects of poor mental health first hand in my family members and hope my knowledge and experience can inspire and connect with others. 

matt gerdes


Occupation: Musician 

Location: Cairns, QLD

Over the years I’ve wondered many career paths from trades to hospitality to support work. I eventually settled into Musical performance and tuition as I thrive on the opportunities it gives me to develop meaningful connections with people. I’ve worked with Drew in the music industry for the last 5 years. Over that time we’ve shared many conversations around the amazing yet turbulent journey that is life and how essential it is for everyone to have access to a compassionate and understanding network. This inevitably led to my involvement in Kick On as I strive to connect people with a supportive community that will share the celebrations of the successes and offer support during the more challenging stages of life’s journey.


melody carragher

School Coordinator 


Occupation: Youth Worker

Location: Cairns, QLD

Melody is an advocate for wellbeing and mental health in everyday life. Recognising her passion for helping people at a young age she has always volunteered her time in various community based projects. Now professionally working mainly with youth and disability, Melody is a specialist in building relationships and sharing loads of love.  

shay douglas


Occupation: Speaker, Designer and Manager

Location: Cairns, QLD

The human life is so complex yet incredible. With a healthy mind, life is abundant, beautiful and bliss, with the potential to create magic. However, if it’s mistreated, neglected or abused then it has the capacity to self destruct. At the core of the human being is our mind which has the potential for limitless expansion or sacrificial self sabotage. When the mind is strong, the body is healthy. We all have a responsibility to take care of our own state of mind. I really like Joyce Meyer’s quotation “You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.”


jeanette conway

I have a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling). I work with Adults, Children, and Youth. I specifically help clients tackle Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Conflict Management, Suicide, HSC, Grief, and more! I'm located in Richmond NSW, however will be available to speak to anyone in Australia.

Life starts outside of your comfort zone. If you find yourself bored, it’s time for a change. You create the universe you live in so DREAM BIG! FAIL! LEARN! GROW! LOVE!

Drew Brauer

our ambassadors

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